Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Engraving At Wood

The first thing we think about in such a scenario is the old-fashioned tradition of carving your girlfriend's name, or your initials into a tree. This technique is fine for the effect, however for buttons at a web site, they would be much more legible if you simply nail sign boards to the tree. Tilt and cock them to look home made, and even have a bent nail here and there to drive home the concept.With the digital technological progress, process of photo engraving looking like wood even also earn the us make only in minute calculation.

Following making its step :

1. First, open a new file with the dimensions 300 x 300 pixels with resolution 72 pixel/inch.

2. Now,set the foreground with the wood colour, then give the colour by using brush tool at toolbox.

3. Now, go to Filter > Texture > Texturizer. Set (scaling =100% ; relief=5).

4. Now, create a words using Type Tool at Toolbox.

5. Enter the menu Layer > Layer Style > Color Overlay. Giving wood colour.

6. Next, enter the Bevel and Emboss. Choose contour and texture with wood pattern.

All the other settings, depend on the size of the type and the finished art desired.

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